Founding & Lead Pastor Joseph Stein

Joseph was born and raised in San Diego, California in a secular home. After a near death experience as a teenager, wanting to find out what happens after we die and what truth really is, he began seeking God.  At the age of 15, after being skeptical of Christianity and at that time a believer of the Jewish doctrine, he was invited to come to a local church that had recently moved into his neighborhood; and one day he decided to attend. It was the very first time in his life Joseph had ever been to a church service.  Upon attending he would experience the power and presence of God at such a level that he could not deny it's reality.

Shortly after attending this church, he began reading the Bible and surrendered his life to Christ. Joseph would then start serving and leading his High School's Christian club.  He would name the Christian Club "180" under his student leadership and would see it go from a small group in a classroom to hundreds of students attending weekly in the gym, while multitudes of students made decisions to come to Christ.  Immediately after High School he attended and graduated Bible College.

In 2010 Joseph had quit his pursuits of ministry all together and moved to the LA-OC area to accept a career opportunity while completing a bachelor's degree at a local university.  This move would eventually begin to plant seeds in his heart as he saw the need for a life-giving church in that area that looked liked the 1st century church operating in a 21st century world.  Though Joseph had quit pursuing ministry and gained much success in his career and other areas in life, he knew in his heart that something was missing; he wasn’t fulfilling his purpose in life. After once again rededicating his life to his calling, Joseph began serving again in the local church in various roles.

As the years would go by, it was in the year 2020 during intense prayer and seeking direction for his life, Joseph sensed a calling from the Holy Spirit that it was time to plant this church on his heart, and teach people to live their life for what's Eternal.  He would then resign from his youth ministry leader position at the church he was serving at to begin the process of planting this church he had vision for.  In that same year 2020, Joseph opened up his home to host in person Bible studies.  It was from there he would announce to the attendees the eventual launch of Eternal House Church and began laying the foundations for this local church.  Joseph is a very detailed and knowledgeable teacher of the Word of God and has a passion for reaching the lost of Los Angeles County and witnessing an awakening of God in the people of Southern California once again.  He prays Eternal House will be a place that makes an eternal difference in the lives of people, and through this church people can come to know God, find freedom, and discover their purpose in life.